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Shrinks administrative costs

With R.S.V.P. you record the details of new or modified bookings only once, all in one place, and so quickly your clients even receive an instant confirmation reference while you still have them on the telephone. Before you even hang up, then, just click the print button and the contract is completed.  Better still, any additions or changes are reflected instantly in all reports such as Weekly Event Summaries, Daily Chronologies, as well as automated  reminders of outstanding deposits and guaranteed counts.

What is more, moving hard-copy function books on-line  across a local area network promotes collaborative scheduling - eliminating the need for one dedicated scheduler in favor of sharing this vital responsibility much more efficiently.  And by using R.S.V.P. to manage and audit the entire booking process, you won't sacrifice consistency or accountability.

How much of your or your organization's valuable time is spent typing, re-typing, filing, distributing and searching for hard-copy documents across multiple departments?

Grows revenue and adds value to your business

Time and energy freed from redundant administrative tasks, then, can be devoted much more productively to more rewarding tasks that actually help grow your business.  But R.S.V.P. itself can even boost revenues directly by helping to manage pricing, encourage up-selling, and optimize the use of your core asset - meeting space.

Furthermore, enforcing your company's booking policies automatically with the Resource, Service & Venue Planner program - policies such as deposit and guest count deadlines, not only eliminates costly oversights but actually helps preserve the wealth of business experience your team has built up over the years.  Again, this translates into less dependence on any one individual in your organization.  And owner-operators will especially appreciate delegating responsibility for day-to-day operations with greater confidence, while adding value to their business with the potential to endure even a transfer  of ownership.

At the same time, R.S.V.P. 's detailed reporting capabilities will help inform all your management and financial decisions.

  • User-friendly interface modeled directly after familiar, daily planner books:
  • Multiple and remote users can access schedules concurrently with modest computer hardware requirements typical of most existing local area networks.  (Windows 98 or higher, 10 Mbps Ethernet, 64 MB RAM)
  • Optimize venue utilization while eliminating conflicts by prioritizing reservation status:
    • Guaranteed, when venue substitutions are NOT permitted
    • Confirmed, when comparable venues may be substituted
    • Tentative, allowing overlapped bookings or wait-lists
  • Prevent oversights and enforce policies consistently with automated eMinders:
    • Overdue deposits
    • Booking contentions
    • Unconfirmed guest counts
    • Proposal follow-up
    • Special user-defined dates
  • Generate proposals or contracts with extensions and taxes calculated instantly. Other time-saving reports include:
  • Encourage equipment and service up-selling while documenting detailed setup preferences (including floor-plans) with the Setup Checklist form.
  • Preserve comprehensive client profiles and function histories to streamline both data-entry and your customer relationship management (CRM) efforts.
  • Integrate R.S.V.P. with printed menus, point-of-sale, billing and other systems or reporting requirements through Microsoft AccessT.
  • Synchronize R.S.V.P. with your favourite calendar, messaging and contact management software - including handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs).   Contacts can be exported to any vCard- or iCard-compliant programs;  scheduled bookings to standard vCal or iCal ones.


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